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Projoin Network's Prospect Research Is...

"Our campaign counsel and VP for Advancement tells everyone how useful your profiles are!"

Peter B., Head of School

East Coast Private School

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Prospect researchers create donor profiles that include information such as an individual's real estate transactions, stock ownership, company information, boat and airplane registrations and even probate settlements (for picking up newly wealthy heirs). This research also involves looking into the prospect's involvement in corporate and foundation boards.

Projoin Network maintains strict confidentiality for our client and their prospective donors. We adhere to the Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethics and the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement Statement of Ethics.

Prospect research works. For example, knowing that a prospective donor just took $5 million in stock options when her company went public, fundraisers can instantly identify an opportunity for giving.

Standard Operating Procedure.
Today, most nonprofit groups recognize the need to target potential donors by maintaining and comparing databases containing information on wealthy people. They're hiring or contracting with prospect researchers who are skilled in uncovering, verifying and compiling key information from publicly-available sources to provide detailed biographical, financial and sometimes psychological profiles.

A net worth note...
Most prospect researchers agree that it's impossible to arrive at an individual's "net worth." After all, most of us barely know our own net worth! At Projoin Network, we'll work hard to learn as much as possible about your prospective donors. We choose to include an "estimated" net worth or an asset total in every profile.

the Association of Professional Researchers for advancement (APRA) defines prospect/advancement research as:

  • fundraising that specializes in research and information management
  • expert analysis to convert raw data/information in to functional intelligence
  • gathering, interpreting, analyzing and disseminating the information needed
  • Development Officers using knowledge management to secure support

Successful fundraising begins with accurate, timely and relevant information. Proactive and reactive research form the foundation for future philanthropy.

"Our fundraisers like how you present thorough information in a straightforward manner and include a gift capacity rating."

Rachael J., Philanthropy Systems Specialist

International Advocacy Organization

"Your analysis work helps make sure we're not "under-asking!"

James M., Vice President for Advancement

Midwestern Private College